A Wonder-Child — Wolfgang Mozart


You have certainly heard of the well-known Austrian composer Wolfgang Mozart and heard some of his splendid music.

Mozart was a genius. He began to show his wonderful talent for music when he was quite a child. Читать далее A Wonder-Child — Wolfgang Mozart

A Letter from America (Thanksgiving Day, other holidays)

The University of Pittsburg

Pittsburg, Penn.

USA 15

November, 195L..


Dearest Mary,

There is an air of great expectation here in the US. We are just through with Halloween fancy dress balls, but the season of holidays is in full swing. Thanksgiving Day is coming. And now that we are on the subject, let me tell you more about American holidays that impress foreigners so much. Читать далее A Letter from America (Thanksgiving Day, other holidays)

A hedgehog

A hedgehog is a little animal that eats insects.

ppet1_1456179cIt has a pointed snout and sharp hard spines on its back and sides. When it is frightened or attacked it rolls up into a ball with only its spines showing.

The hedgehogs are useful. They preserve plants because they eat insects. People must protect them.

I have seen hedgehogs in the country. They live in the central parts of Russia in the forests. Their food is insects, mice.

People should not touch the hedgehogs; they must take care of them. Читать далее A hedgehog

A Distinguished Personality — Mikhail Lomonosov

A Distinguished Personality

The name of Mikhail Lomonosov is well known to everyone in Russia and in other countries. Maybe some­body doesn’t eveA Distinguished Personality - Mikhail Lomonosovn know what discoveries he had made but every person knows that Lomonosov was an outstand­ing Russian scientist.

He was born in 1711 in a far away northern village. He began to study only since 11 years old. After 8 years had passed Lomonosov went to Moscow and entered the Academy. Then he was sent to St. Petersburg’s Academy and from there to Germany to study chemistry.Soon he became a great scientist. Читать далее A Distinguished Personality — Mikhail Lomonosov

A Day at School

Come and spend a day in an English school!

A Day at SchoolIt is nearly 9 on a Monday morning, and the boys and girls are coming to school again, after having had Saturday and Sunday free.

Some of them walk to school, and some come on their bicycles, and others, who live further away from the school, come by bus. They are wearing their school uniform and carrying their satchels full of books, which they have used to do their homework over the week-end. Читать далее A Day at School

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