Архив метки: Природа

Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку о природе и окружающем мире.

The United Kingdom

The Geography of the British Isles

the united kingdomTo the west of the continent of Europe lie two large islands called the British Isles. The larger of these is known as Great Britain, the smaller, Ireland. The North Sea and the English Channel separate the British Isles from the European continent.

The larger island of Great Britain consists of three parts: England, Scotland and Wales which were once separate kingdoms. After centuries of war at the beginning of the 18th century England, Wales and Scotland were united. In 1800 Ireland was included in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as it was called.

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Nuclear Winter Awaits

Our environment is vitally connected with the prob­lem of peace on our planet.

Nuclear Winter AwaitsThe scientists consider that nuclear war could destroy mankind completely, for a large scale nuclear exchange could mean the extinction of the human race. The climatic, biological and environ­mental effects of a nuclear war might be horrible.

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NatureThe ways of life in many parts of the world have changed. This is the result of changes in the weather and the climate in many parts of the world. Besides this there are great numbers of large factories, plants, electric power stations and railways all over the world.

And today there are millions of cars and lorries on the roads. So the water and the air are already not so clean. Читать далее Nature

My Summer Holidays

Summer is wonderful. There is no school and the holidays are long.

SummerI usually spend my summer holidays in the country at my grandmother’s. I like the place. There is a nice river and the woods, where my friends and I can gather berries and mushrooms.

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Pure Water in Baikal

Lake_BaikalEverybody visiting Lake Baikal for the first time is offered a glass of water straight from the lake. At the Baikal restaurant, lake water is served as a local speciality.

Pure Water in BaikalVisitors can look down through water 70 feet deep and count the stones on the bottom.

The water’s mineral content is very low. In this crystal-clear water some 150 types of plants and fish live — many of them found nowhere else in the world.

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Summer Holidays are Something to Remember

When boys and girls come to school after their summer holidays they are asked the same question: How did you spend your summer holidays?

The answers are usually different. Some children went camping, some travelled to different places, and others enjoyed their summer holidays in the country or at the seaside, or in the mountains.

Children can do a lot of things in summer.

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Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

Lots of people like travelling and visiting other coun­tries.Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

That’s why there are many means of travel. By plain, by ship, by train and also by car, by bicycle, on foot. Everyone chooses his favourite one.

The most comfortable way of travel is travelling by plane and it’s my favourite. And not because it is very comfortable. It’s very interesting and exciting. Читать далее Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

We Take Care of Nature

There are many interesting things around us in the woods, in the mountains, at the seaside, at the rivers.

We Take Care of NatureThe world around us is beautiful. If we keep our eyes open, we can learn a lot of interesting things about animals and birds, woods, rivers, lakes, seas.

It’s really nice to walk in the woods or go camping if people remember to keep nature rules: don’t make a fire in the woods, don’t break trees, don’t leave dirty paper and other things on the ground, keep rivers, ponds, lakes and seas clean, plant trees and flowers, leave food, corn and nuts for birds and animals in winter, put up bird houses.

Winter is a hard time for animals and birds in many parts of our country. It’s difficult for them to find food.

When winter comes, I like to go skiing in the winter forest. Sometimes my parents and I enjoy a walk in the winter forest. We never forget to put some corn for the birds and some nuts for the squirrels.

I think both grown-ups and children must take care of the nature.

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Travelling by Sea

Many people enjoy travelling by sea. travelling by seaThey say it is the most pleasant means of travelling. They mean travelling by an ocean liner, which combines comfort and speed. You feel as if you are walking on good solid ground when on board the big liner.

You can enjoy fresh sea air, the sights of the sea and the sky. No matter what the sea might be — calm or stormy, you feel comfortable and safe on board the big liner. Читать далее Travelling by Sea

То Protect Nature Is to Protect Man

Each year new factories and plants are being built and more and more they pollute the environment.

То Protect Nature Is to Protect ManOur planet is beautiful, and we must save it as it is for new generations. If we don’t take urgent measures now, it will be too late.Our planet is our home, and we are obliged to save it.

There are lots of problems concerning the protection of the environment. Читать далее То Protect Nature Is to Protect Man