Archibald Joseph Cronin

A.J. Cronin,  a Scottish novelist and physician, was born in Scotland.A._J._Cronin_1931b
He became a doctor, dreaming of his own practice and scientific investigations, but he had to join the military service, and served as a surgeon in the Navy during World War I.

After the war he worked as a doctor in South Wales among miners and described what he saw in his books “The Citadel” and “The Stars Look Down”. Soon he moved to London where although he was a modest, unknown doctor, he became popular.

In 1930 A.J. Cronin fell ill and gave up his practice. Needing a long rest he moved to Scotland where he devoted himself to literature entirely.

His main works are: “The Stars Look Down” (1934), “The Citadel” (1937), “The Keys to the Kingdom” (1941), “The Green Years” (1944), and “Snannon’s Way” (1945), among others.

They are all quite important in English literature of 20th century. They make his readers think about the meaning of life, relations between people and their fates in contemporary society.

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