Архив метки: Хобби

Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку о хобби.

An Occupation

An occupation is a business, trade or employment that occupies one’s time either permanently or as a hobby.

It’s an activity of any kind for which a person has the necessary qualifications and training: “I am a teacher by occupa­tion, and he is a taxi-driver by occupation.”

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My Pastime

Crisp Crinkled 3c HEADERThere are many interesting and exciting things to do when you are spending your free time.

Each person has his interests and hobbies such as reading books, watching TV, collecting something, visiting museums and other places of interest, skiing, skating, swimming, fishing, going in for sports and many others.

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My Idea of Friendship

One can’t live without friends, especially teenagers.

friendship-50aSchool is the place where the real friendship begins. But it’s not easy to meet a true and faithful friend.

A real friend is the one who is ready to share not only your joys but all your sorrows and troubles.

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My Hobby

Mу hobby is collecting stamps. When I was still a baby, my mother began collecting for me.hobby

Of course she didn’t let me touch the stamps until I was old enough. I remember that it was on my fifteenth birthday that she first put them into my hands. They were in five albums, but since then I have added three more, so that now I have a bigger collection than any of my friends.

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My Future Profession

In early childhood it does not take children much time to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”nursedocgroup380x260_crop380w

They mention many interesting and exciting professions, the most popular ones are a pilot, a cosmonaut, a businessman… As the years pass, they change their minds.

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The Olympic Games

“We will take part in the Olympic Games in fair competition for the honour of our country and for the glory of sport”.

(From the Olympic Oath).

the olympic gamesThe Olympic Games have a very long history. They began more than two thousand years ago in Greece. The Greeks were fond of music, plays, and all kinds of physical exercises. The famous Games at Olympia took place every four years and all the cities in Greece sent their athlete to take part in them. The strongest athletes came together to run, jump, wrestle, throw the discus, box. There were also chariot races. The Games were very popular, and thousands of Greeks used to watch them. Читать далее The Olympic Games

We Like Hiking

we like hikingAll the children in our class like hiking.

Before we go hiking we hold a discussion.

We decide what things we have to prepare and the places we’d like to visit.

It is often rather difficult to choose a place we’d like to get ac­quainted with; everybody has his own idea. The discussion is usually rather exciting. Читать далее We Like Hiking

If I Had Time

If I Had TimeIf I had time to do all the things I want to, I would begin with reading. I would read a lot.

First of all, I would read detective stories. After that I would read books about travelling. Perhaps it would be better to travel and to see everything with my own eyes instead of reading about it in books. Читать далее If I Had Time

I Enjoy Sports and Games

In our country the most popular summer sports and games are football, volley-ball, tennis, swimming, bad­minton, cycling; the most popular winter sports and games are hockey, skating, skiing, figure-skating.Sports-and-Games

Many boys enjoy playing football. Some boys and girls are fond of playing volley-ball, basket-ball and tennis. Читать далее I Enjoy Sports and Games

How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

I’d like to tell some words why I’ve decided to base my future profession on chemistry.How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

When I got acquainted with the simplest chemicals and reactions for the first time, I didn’t realize entirely how interesting chemistry is and how complicated it is, too.

In the 8th grade “chemistry” appeared in my school time-table and due to books, due to my teacher I was getting more and more absorbed by the marvelous world of chemistry. Читать далее How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession