Arkhip Ivanovich Kuinji

Kuinji (1842-1910) was one of the greatest landscapist of the close of the 19th century.RTEmagicC_265b6e84d3.jpg

He painted many big canvases in which he created majestic and poetic images of our country. An amazing feature of Kuinji’s work is the breadth of his range: his paintings convey the charm of nature in the north, in the south of the Ukraine, and in central Russia.

He especially liked to portray the unique beauty that bright sunlight or cold moonlight communicated to a landscape.

Kuinji had a creative understanding of the beauty of nature and an ability to notice rare features.

The earliest of Kuinji’s paintings exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery is a landscape ”On the Isle of Valaam”. 50In a letter to P.M.Tretyakov, I.Y.Repin wrote: “The picture shows the stem northern nature. It is also remark­able for its amazing silvery tone… The granite plane is illumined by cold sunlight; in the distance, the woods over a small river and the weeds disappear in the gloom under heavy clouds…”


landscapist — пейзажист

of the close of the 19th century — конца XIX в.

he created majestic and poetic images of our country — он создал величественные и поэтические образы нашей страны

the breadth of his range — широта его размаха

to portray  — изображать

unique  — уникальный

to communicate  — передавать

to exhibit — выставлять (на выставке)

stem  — строгий, суровый

the granite plane — гранитная плоскость

to illumine — освещать

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