Thanksgiving Day

I would like to tel you about Thanksgiving Day.thanksgiving day

It was in November 1620.

A small ship “The May­flower” left England. After 7 long weeks the people on “The Mayflower” saw land at last. It was America.

Soon the settlers found the place to build their village there. In January 1621 there were already 2 streets in this first English village in the USA. And they called that place New Plymouth.

When winter came the life in New Plymouth became very hard and many of the settlers died. One day some Indians came to New Plymouth. They called the English people Yankee as they couldn’t say the word Englishmen.

When spring came the people in New Plymouth began to plant com and maize.

In autumn the crops were very good and the people of New Plymouth decided to make a holiday dinner. The Indians came to their dinner and brought some wild turkeys as a present.

The English people called their holiday Thanksgiving Day. Since that time Thanksgiving Day has been a great holiday in the USA.

People gather in their houses at dinner table, eat roasted turkey, fruits and vegetables and thank each other.

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