Arkhip Ivanovich Kuinji

The well-known painting “Birch Copse” (1879) is arresting for the beautiful effect in it of light and shadow and the delightfully graceful silhouettes of trees against a pale-blue sky.il_570xN.622924322_f3qs

Birch Copse” is outstanding for its generalized composition and drawing. In it the painter has masterfully conveyed the coolness in the grove, spots of sunlight falling on a meadow through the foliage, and the velvet of lush grass.

After a Thunder-Storm” (1879) is also built up on a picturesque contrast between a wet meadow lit up by the sun and a dark leaden cloud receding into the distance. “The Dnieper in the Morning” (1881) is kuinji_dnieperlikewise one of Kuinji’s best works. In it the painter gives a view of his beloved Dnieper wrapped in morning mist as seen from a steep bank overgrown with grass and flowers, and splendidly conveys its grand breadth and its tranquil and smooth course among his native fields.

Night on the Dnieper” (1880), in which Kuinji masterfully shows a sparkling reflection of the moon on the surface of the river, is a very striking painting.


“Birch Copse” — “Березовая роща” (назв. картины)

to arrest [o’rest] — приковывать (взгляд, внимание)

the delightfully graceful silhouettes of trees against a pale-blue sky — удивительно изящные силуэты деревьев на фоне бледно-голубого неба

to convey — передавать

the coolness in the grove — прохлада в роще

a meadow — луг

foliage — листва

the velvet of lush grass — бархатистость густой травы

“After a Thunder-Storm” — “После бури” (назв. карти­ны)

picturesque — живописный

a dark leaden cloud — темная, свинцовая туча

to recede — отступать; удаляться

wrapped in morning mist — окутанный утренним туманом

its tranquil and smooth  course — его спокойное, гладкое течение

a sparkling reflection of the moon on the surface  of the river — сверкающее отражение луны на поверхности реки

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