Our School and Its Traditions

All the people in their childhood studied at school.

Our School and Its TraditionsNot all students like going there. Of course it’s hard to get up early every day and do a lot of homework but school plays a great role in our life.

We get the principal knowledge in school. It gives us not only knowledge but new friends.

Friends whom we make in school may become our friends for all our life.

In school we learn different subjects and some of them will be needful to us in our future life.

I study in the English specialized secondary school.

In our school much attention is paid to the humanities and English. We also study the computer skills there. Our school is situated at Nahimovsky Prospect. It’s an old five-sto­ried building made of red brick which is connected with a white small building. There we study English and there is also a musical school there.

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