My Family

My-FamilyI am Igor Stepanov. Igor is my first name and Stepanov is my family name (surname). I was born on May 16, 1980 in the city of Moscow. I would like to tell you some words about my family. My family is not very large. I’ve got a mother, a father, a sister and a brother. There are five of us in the family.

My mother is a teacher of music. She works at school. Children love her. She is fond of her profession. She has taught me to understand music. From her I learnt to play the piano when I was six.

She is a good-looking woman with black hair. She is forty-two but she looks much younger. She is not tall but slim.

My father is a lecturer. He teaches English at the University of Foreign Languages. He has got many students. He is involved in the students’ exchange pro­gram with Great Britain. So he often takes his students to Great Britain. He is an experienced teacher, and I like to listen to his stories about his job and his trips to Great Britain.


good-looking — красивый, миловидный

slim — стройный

a lecturer — преподаватель университета

the University of Foreign Languages — Университет иностранных язы­ков

to be involved — быть вовлеченным

the students’ exchange program — программа студенчес­ких обменов

experienced — опытный, квалифицированный, со ста­жем

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