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Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку обо всём , что связано со школой.

Secondary School in the USA

In the United States, secondary school is called high school; students begin high school in ninth grade, when they have completed eight years of school. Secondary School in USA

An average day for a high school student begins with a brief “homeroom” period, when the roll is taken and announcements are made. The rest of the day is divided into eight or nine “periods” of equal length, usually 45-50 minutes.

At the beginning of each period, when the bell rings, students go into a classroom to begin class. Every period they have a different class, with a different teacher, in a different room. Some of their fellow students move with them from class to class, but many have very different class schedules.

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My Idea of Friendship

One can’t live without friends, especially teenagers.

friendship-50aSchool is the place where the real friendship begins. But it’s not easy to meet a true and faithful friend.

A real friend is the one who is ready to share not only your joys but all your sorrows and troubles.

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Our School and Its Traditions

All the people in their childhood studied at school.

Our School and Its TraditionsNot all students like going there. Of course it’s hard to get up early every day and do a lot of homework but school plays a great role in our life.

We get the principal knowledge in school. It gives us not only knowledge but new friends.

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School and its Traditions

English Secondary schoolI study in an English Secondary school. It is called so because English is paid much attention to.

When we have English lessons the class is split into three groups, so there are ten or twelve pupils in each group.

We have English five times a week. Some subjects are taught in English. They are English and American Literature, the Theory of Technical Translation, Applied Economics.

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My Friend

I got acquainted with my best friend at school. Her name is Kate. We are of the same age. Besides, we live in the same block of flats, so we see each other every day.My FriendKate is a tall, slim, beautiful girl. She has got blonde hair, large blue eyes, a straight nose and full lips. She is a little emotional but honest and just, very kind.

It’s not easy to meet a true and faithful friend. I am happy that I’ve met Kate. I trust her a lot, and I’m sure that I can rely on her in any situation. She is the one who I can turn to for help and advice in the unhappiest moments of my life and who I can tell all my problems. She never lets people down. Kate is 16. She’s got only one shortcoming. She is a bit impatient, nevertheless, I enjoy her company and without her I feel lonely. Читать далее My Friend

We Like Hiking

we like hikingAll the children in our class like hiking.

Before we go hiking we hold a discussion.

We decide what things we have to prepare and the places we’d like to visit.

It is often rather difficult to choose a place we’d like to get ac­quainted with; everybody has his own idea. The discussion is usually rather exciting. Читать далее We Like Hiking

Your Future Profession

In early childhood children tell their parents whom they would like to be when they grow up.

Your Future ProfessionIn school students begin thinking of their future profession.

There are lots of professions in the world, and all of them are interesting and exciting. So it’s very hard to discover your vocation in life.

The choice of profession depends on your abilities.If you are good at humanities you should choose something in this field. And if you are good at natural sciences you should choose something closely connected with them.

I would like to become a chemist because I like chemistry. I think that it is a very interesting subject, but I am not so good at it so I think that I am not suitable for this profession. In spite of all I possess some qualities which are needed in this field.

I think that my future profession will be closely connected with computers. I am capable to work with them, and I also possess the qualities needed in this work. They are accuracy, energy, careful­ness. But I hesitate if I have enough patience. I must develop it if I want to become a computer operator.

I know that it would be better to choose a profession of an interpreter or any other occupation connected with Rus­sian and literature because I am good at these subjects but when I began to study the computer skills that was what I have been looking for. In our modern world it’s hard to do without computers. They are needed everywhere, and I hope that my interests in this subject will never change in spite of any circumstances.


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There is a Lot to Learn at School

Some children say it is dull at school. I think they say so when they are little tired at the end of the school year.

There is a Lot to Learn at SchoolI am always happy to have summer holidays. I enjoy them. But one month passes and I begin to miss my school, my classmates and my teachers.

Holidays are great fun, but it’s also interesting for me to study. My favourite subjects are History, English and Mathematics. Читать далее There is a Lot to Learn at School

I Enjoy Sports and Games

In our country the most popular summer sports and games are football, volley-ball, tennis, swimming, bad­minton, cycling; the most popular winter sports and games are hockey, skating, skiing, figure-skating.Sports-and-Games

Many boys enjoy playing football. Some boys and girls are fond of playing volley-ball, basket-ball and tennis. Читать далее I Enjoy Sports and Games

How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

I’d like to tell some words why I’ve decided to base my future profession on chemistry.How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

When I got acquainted with the simplest chemicals and reactions for the first time, I didn’t realize entirely how interesting chemistry is and how complicated it is, too.

In the 8th grade “chemistry” appeared in my school time-table and due to books, due to my teacher I was getting more and more absorbed by the marvelous world of chemistry. Читать далее How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession