A Wonder-Child — Wolfgang Mozart


You have certainly heard of the well-known Austrian composer Wolfgang Mozart and heard some of his splendid music.

Mozart was a genius. He began to show his wonderful talent for music when he was quite a child.

His elder sister was learning to play the clavier. A clavier is like a piano, only smaller. The soft, gay tune she played could be heard all over the house. In another room her three-year-old brother Wolfgang Mozart was playing with his toys. He heard the music, and sat quite still for a moment, listening. Then he jumped up from the floor, and ran into the room where the clavier was. “Let me try”, he said to his sister.

“All right”, laughed Wolfgang’s sister. Wolfgang was only a baby, and she thought he would just make a noise, but he didn’t. He put two fingers carefully on two keys. It made quite a pleasant sound.

“I can make music”, he said happily. After that, he took a great interest in his sister’s music lessons.

“I want to learn music”, he said. He said it so many times that his father, who was a musician himself, began teaching him. Wolfgang learned quickly, and he could soon play a number of pieces perfectly. When he was four years old, he started composing his own tunes and playing them on the clavier.


a composer  — композитор

Wolfgang Mozart— Вольфганг Моцарт

a genius — гений

a tune — мелодия

to compose — сочинять

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