NatureThe ways of life in many parts of the world have changed. This is the result of changes in the weather and the climate in many parts of the world. Besides this there are great numbers of large factories, plants, electric power stations and railways all over the world.

And today there are millions of cars and lorries on the roads. So the water and the air are already not so clean.

Fires also destroy the work of Nature. Big forests in many places have been burnt. People have always hunted valuable animals for their skins, their fur, and also for meat. People themselves have destroyed wildlife. Different animals, birds and fish began long ago disappear one after the other. For a long time people did not see the danger. Now many people understand that they have wasted their national riche, and try their best to protect Nature.

In our country people are not allowed to hunt rare animals. They must not pick the flowers of valuable plants. Special people take care of wild animals: they build feeding stations and grow rare, useful plants. In most countries today there are laws for the protection of Nature, but in some countries people don’t yet obey these laws.


electric power stations — электростанции

to hunt valuable animals for skin, their fur — охотиться на животных из-за шкур, меха

to waste national riches — опустошать национальные богатства

laws for protection of Nature — законы о защите природы

to obey the laws — подчиняться законам, соблюдать законы

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