Ways of Holiday-making

If you are tired of your usual holiday routine, there are many things you can do to vary it. Some take a certain amount of physical energy, but think of the good it will do you.Ways of Holiday-making

People say, there is nothing to compare with a camping holiday. Personally I think it’s only for the young, and will make them appreciate home comforts. Be prepared for damned mosquitoes, beetles and cow dung, which is never noticed until the following morning. This sort of holiday teaches the young how to survive, and strangely they seem to enjoy it, finding great pleasure in making bonfires and cooking barbecues.

Bicycle holidays are an excellent way of taking exer­cise. Bear in mind that you are not a professional, and don’t try to do more than 30 or 40 miles a day. Keep to side roads wherever possible, and don’t overtire yourself.

A walking holiday in good weather with a pleasant companion or two will do you better than any other. Select your shoes carefully. Your rucksack should contain a change of everything but nothing that is not absolutely essential.


routine — рутина

to vary — делать разнообразным

to appreciate — ценить

damned mosquitoes — проклятые комары

beetles — жуки

cow dung  — навоз

barbecues — что-то целиком зажаренное

rucksack — рюкзак

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