The United Kingdom

united kingdomThe British Isles and the neighbouring small islands were left above the surface of the sea, because they were the highest parts of the land. The water flowed into the valleys among the hills, thus producing an uneven coast and many good harbours.

The first thing that people see when they cross the English Channel is the chalk cliffs near Dover. That is why the Romans called this country Albion (from the Latin word albus which means “white”.) It is a sort of symbol of England.

The highest mountains are in the central and northern parts of Scotland, in Wales and in the north-west of England, but they are by no means high as we understand high mountains. The mountains of the British Isles are much the same height as those of the Crimea. In North-west England, there are many beautiful lakes. This is called the “Lake District”. It is one of the most beautiful places on the British Isles. This place was made famous by the great English romantic poets (William Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southy), who even called themselves “the Lake Poets”.

The Welsh mountains are very rocky and difficult to climb. Ireland has green hills and low mountains almost all round the coast.

There are many rivers in Britain, but none of them are very long. The Thames, on which London is situated, runs into the North Sea.


above the surface of the sea — над поверхностью моря

a valley — долина

an uneven coast — неровное (изрезанное) побере­жье

a harbour — гавань

the Crimea — Крым

the Thames — Темза

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