People are fond of travelling.travellingIf you go to the North of our country you can see large cold seas and many beautiful lakes. In the South of our country there are warm seas, wonderful trees and flowers. If you go to the West, you will enjoy lots of wonderful places. In the East of our country there are big woods and high mountains.

When you travel, you visit different places and learn a lot about people’s traditions, beautiful nature. You can travel by car, by air, by sea, by train, on foot.

But I like to ride a bicycle and imagine that I am travelling to different parts of our country or round the world like Mary Poppins with Michael and Jane.

Have you read “Mary Poppins” by Pamela Travers? I remember how Mary Poppins said the word “North” and when Jane and Michael opened their eyes there was no park, no trees, no glass and flowers. There was only blue ice around them and deep snow under their feet. They saw an Eskimo man who appeared in a long white fur coat. Then Mary Poppins took out the compass and said “South”. Michael and Jane found themselves under palm-trees. The sun was shining brightly, and all around them they could see golden and silver sand that was as hot as fire under their feet.

Then they travelled to the East where they saw an unusual street with very small houses. Women in bright kimonos were walking along the streets. The children could hear a strange and beautiful language which they didn’t understand.

When they found themselves in the West they saw great pine-woods.

I think that travelling to the imaginary countries helps me to know more about different things.

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  2. Не заучивай текст наизусть, попробуй пересказать его!
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