The United Kingdom

The Severn, which flows south­ west into the Irish Sea, is the longest British river. Many of the rivers have been joined one to another by means of canals, so that it is quite possible to travel by water from one end of England to the other.

The British climate is often unjustly criticized. In fact, it is good — no extremes of heat or cold, enough rains during the year. Even in the most northern parts of Scotland, snow never lies very long on the ground in winter, while in the South of England, snow falls only a few times during the winter. Besides this, the rivers never freeze. But there are some unpleasant aspects about the British climate. That is, there is much rain and fog in winter, and few sunny days. Generally speaking, Great Britain is a very damp country. The climate is mild. The source of this mildness is the warm current of the Gulf Stream, which keeps Britain warm in winter and cool in summer. The Gulf Stream crosses the Atlantic Ocean from the warm South and washes the western and northern coasts of the country.

Great Britain was originally an agricultural and sheep farming country. Wheat, barley and oat are characteristic of England, Wales and Scotland.

British crop growing is highly industrialized; Britain has more tractors and combine-harvester than most of the European countries.


canal — канал

unjustly criticized — несправедливо критикуется

no extremes of heat or cold — не бывает очень жарко или холодно

the source of this mildness — причина мягкости (климата)

wheat, barley, oats — пшеница, ячмень, овес

combine-harvester — уборочная машина (комбайн)

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