Summer Holidays are Something to Remember

When boys and girls come to school after their summer holidays they are asked the same question: How did you spend your summer holidays?

The answers are usually different. Some children went camping, some travelled to different places, and others enjoyed their summer holidays in the country or at the seaside, or in the mountains.

Children can do a lot of things in summer.

Summer is the merriest time of the year. In summer everybody and everything looks beautiful: flowers, children, dogs and cats… The trees come to life and grow very, very fast. Grass and flowers grow fast, too. In summer the sky is bright blue! In summer the rain is warm, and little boys and girls can run barefoot through puddles. In summer you can lay down on the grass, look up and watch clouds floating in the sky. In summer you can swim in a stream together with the little fish. And when it is very hot, grown-ups water the little ones from a watering-can, just like carrots, and they jump and cry for joy.

There are lots of things to do in summer. We plant flowers and vegetables in the garden. We take care of the young plants. We paint the benches, the little houses and the swings in the playgrounds with real paint. It is not easy. We can spoil our clothes with the paint. In summer it’s still light outside when we go to sleep.

Green is the main colour in summer. When yellow appears it’s time to go back to school. I wish summer would last a bit longer!


barefoot — босиком

puddles — лужи

to float — плавать, парить, носиться в воздухе

a watering-can — лейка

swings — качели

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