Pure Water in Baikal

Lake_BaikalEverybody visiting Lake Baikal for the first time is offered a glass of water straight from the lake. At the Baikal restaurant, lake water is served as a local speciality.

Pure Water in BaikalVisitors can look down through water 70 feet deep and count the stones on the bottom.

The water’s mineral content is very low. In this crystal-clear water some 150 types of plants and fish live — many of them found nowhere else in the world.

There have been many discussions on Lake Baikal in the USSR. Some scientists have demanded that Baikal — 6,360 feet deep — should be preserved completely as it is as a wonder of nature.

Others wanted to use this giant reservoir — it contains one fifth of the world’s resources of fresh water — for economic purposes. The arguments still go on, and there are many points of detail still in dispute. But the Baikal timber processing plant has proved that a factory can return its “waste» water to the lake quite pure, if it uses modem filtering techniques.

The Academy of Sciences and the State Planning Committee have prepared a plan to make the southern shore of Baikal into a natural park, with camps and tourist centers for 25,000 guests within the next few years.


timber processing plant — деревообрабатывающий завод (комбинат)

filtering techniques — очистные сооружения

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