Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

Lots of people like travelling and visiting other coun­tries.Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

That’s why there are many means of travel. By plain, by ship, by train and also by car, by bicycle, on foot. Everyone chooses his favourite one.

The most comfortable way of travel is travelling by plane and it’s my favourite. And not because it is very comfortable. It’s very interesting and exciting.

I also like travelling by train. I have travelled this way a lot. When you are in the train you can see the beauty of nature, small villages and big towns.

Each way of travel has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in spite of all disadvantages of travelling by plane and by train I like it.

I envy the tourists because I think that they know all about places of interest not only in our country but in others too. Travelling to different parts of the world they learn a lot. They can tell you many things which you didn’t know before. Tourists are interesting people from whom you can learn many new for yourself. And the people who sit at home are very dull to talk to. They have nothing exciting to tell.

Any kind of travel helps you to understand the traditions, the way of life of many people on our planet. It also widens your outlook. It’s my point of view, and I think that most of the people will agree with me.

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