We Take Care of Nature

There are many interesting things around us in the woods, in the mountains, at the seaside, at the rivers.

We Take Care of NatureThe world around us is beautiful. If we keep our eyes open, we can learn a lot of interesting things about animals and birds, woods, rivers, lakes, seas.

It’s really nice to walk in the woods or go camping if people remember to keep nature rules: don’t make a fire in the woods, don’t break trees, don’t leave dirty paper and other things on the ground, keep rivers, ponds, lakes and seas clean, plant trees and flowers, leave food, corn and nuts for birds and animals in winter, put up bird houses.

Winter is a hard time for animals and birds in many parts of our country. It’s difficult for them to find food.

When winter comes, I like to go skiing in the winter forest. Sometimes my parents and I enjoy a walk in the winter forest. We never forget to put some corn for the birds and some nuts for the squirrels.

I think both grown-ups and children must take care of the nature.

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