То Protect Nature Is to Protect Man

Each year new factories and plants are being built and more and more they pollute the environment.

То Protect Nature Is to Protect ManOur planet is beautiful, and we must save it as it is for new generations. If we don’t take urgent measures now, it will be too late.Our planet is our home, and we are obliged to save it.

There are lots of problems concerning the protection of the environment.

Pollution is the main problem. It has many faces. One of them is the sea pollution. Many seas and lakes have been polluted, and you can’t eat fish taken from them. Among those lakes is a splendid Baikal lake which has always been famous for its pure water.

The air pollution is also a great problem. The air that we breathe is polluted with harmful substances. People often get ill and die.

People start pollution. Every piece of waste on the street makes big problems, because if millions of people do the same thing, our earth will become one big rubbish pit.

There are lots of measures to be done to prevent our world from pollution. We must plant greenery in big cities, because it gives us oxygen that we breathe, we must remove factories and plants out of the cities, we must create pollution control systems.

The nuclear weapons are also a great threat to all humanity. We must eliminate all of them in order to prevent the danger of their use or it will lead to an ecological catastrophe.

In several countries there are organizations fighting for peace and clear environment. The most famous is “Greenpeace”. So to protect nature means to protect man.

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