Архив метки: История

Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку обо всём , что связано с историей разных стран, городов, их традиций, об известных исторических личностях и событиях.

An Artist Fedotov


Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov, an eminent artist, was a pioneer of critical realism in Russian art.

An Artist FedotovFedotov began to draw and paint while he was an officer in a guards’ regiment, from which he retired in 1843 in order to devote himself to art.

He is at his best in genre painting. His great sympathy for “small people”, his bitter irony, the indig­nation he showed at times in the presentation of the privileged strata of Russian society are combined in his work with keen observation, depth of psychological characterization and exactitude in the detail of sur­roundings.

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Nuclear Winter Awaits

Our environment is vitally connected with the prob­lem of peace on our planet.

Nuclear Winter AwaitsThe scientists consider that nuclear war could destroy mankind completely, for a large scale nuclear exchange could mean the extinction of the human race. The climatic, biological and environ­mental effects of a nuclear war might be horrible.

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Oscar Wilde


oscar wildeOscar Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland. His father was a famous Irish surgeon. His mother wrote poetry.

While at Oxford Wilde began writing. He put forth his creed — love of art for art’s sake. He wrote novels, poems, plays and fairy tales.

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Public Holidays in the USA

Public Holidays in the USA“Carol, could you tell me what the greatest national holiday is in America?”

“Well, Ann, Independence Day, of course.

Another name for the holiday is July Fourth. The Fourth of July is the birthday of the United States. On July 4, 1776, the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and adopted the Declaration of Inde­pendence. Ever since 1776 Americans have celebrated their liberty on the Fourth of July.”

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Some Facts from the History of London

I would like to tell you about the epidemic of plague in London and about the Great Fire there.

More than 400,000 people lived within the London walls.

But one day the plague was brought from the ships. People fell ill one after another and died in a few days. They began to run out of the city but the special guard didn’t let them go. No one could run away.

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Some Facts from the History of America

I would like to tell you about some facts from the history of America, about discovery of America. It remained unknown to Europe till the end of the 15th century.

Christopher Columbus, an experienced sailor, asked the king of Spain to give him a fleet of ships so that he could look for a new route to India. Читать далее Some Facts from the History of America

Speak about Any Town in the US (Washington, DC)

The capital of the USA is Washington, DC.

washignton-dcIt was named after the first American president George Wash­ington. The city is filled with important buildings.

The largest library in the world is in Washington, DC. It is called the Library of Congress. It has one copy of every book written by American writers.

The congress meet at the Capitol building. Government lawyers work in the Justice Department. The President of the US lives and works in the White House. Important decisions are made in the White House. It belongs to everyone in the USA. You can visit it almost every day of the year. It is open for tourists who can see the President or the first lady walking down the halls.

The White House is a symbol of the country. Washington DC was a little village on the Potomac river. About 200 years ago when US was a young country people began to talk about where the capital should be and where the president should live. And they chose Washington, DC. The city is well planned. The heart of it is the Capitol. It took more than 8 years to build this Capitol. The first stone of it was laid on October, 13, 1792. Washington, DC is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

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William Shakespeare

My favourite books were written by the English writer William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare

He was born in April, 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon and grew up in his native town. He attended the local grammar school and got quite a good education.

At the age of 5 the boy first saw the perform­ances of the actors. Читать далее William Shakespeare


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most amazing musicians who ever lived. At the age of only 5 years he was playing concerts all by himself on the harpsichord — an instrument that is something like the piano.Mozart Wolfgang’s father, Leopold Mozart, was also a musi­cian and composer. He took his talented young son to many cities in Europe and arranged for him to play for kings and nobles. For part of the year, father and son travelled. The rest of the year, they were at home in Austria with Wolfgang’s mother and sister. Читать далее Mozart

Mother’s Day

Mother’s DayMother’s Day is traditionally observed in Great Brit­ain on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is usually in March. The day used to be known as Mothering Sunday and dates from the time when many girls worked away from home as domestic servants in big households, where their hours of work were often very long. Mothering Sunday was established as a holiday for these girls and gave them an opportunity of going home to see their parents, especially their mothers. They used to take pre­sents with them, often given to them by the lady of the house. Читать далее Mother’s Day