Mother’s Day

Mother’s DayMother’s Day is traditionally observed in Great Brit­ain on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is usually in March. The day used to be known as Mothering Sunday and dates from the time when many girls worked away from home as domestic servants in big households, where their hours of work were often very long. Mothering Sunday was established as a holiday for these girls and gave them an opportunity of going home to see their parents, especially their mothers. They used to take pre­sents with them, often given to them by the lady of the house.

When the labour situation changed and everyone was entitled to regular time off, this custom remained, al­though the day is now often called “Mother’s Day”. People visit their mothers if possible and give them flowers and small presents. If they cannot go they send a “Mother’s Day card”, or they may send one in any case. The family try to see that the mother has as little work to do as possible, sometimes the husband or children take her breakfast in bed and they often help with the meals and the washing-up. It is considered to be Mother’s day off.


Lent — (рел.) Великий пост

domestic servant — домашняя прислуга

a big household — большое хозяйство (дом)

to give smb. an opportunity — дать кому-то возможность

They used to take presents with them — Они обычно брали с собой подарки

everyone was entitled to regular time off — каждый получил право на выходные дни

take her breakfast in bed — приносят её завтрак в постель

washing-up — мытьё посуды

It is considered to be Mother’s day off — этот день считается выходным для мамы

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