Speak about Any Town in the US (Washington, DC)

The capital of the USA is Washington, DC.

washignton-dcIt was named after the first American president George Wash­ington. The city is filled with important buildings.

The largest library in the world is in Washington, DC. It is called the Library of Congress. It has one copy of every book written by American writers.

The congress meet at the Capitol building. Government lawyers work in the Justice Department. The President of the US lives and works in the White House. Important decisions are made in the White House. It belongs to everyone in the USA. You can visit it almost every day of the year. It is open for tourists who can see the President or the first lady walking down the halls.

The White House is a symbol of the country. Washington DC was a little village on the Potomac river. About 200 years ago when US was a young country people began to talk about where the capital should be and where the president should live. And they chose Washington, DC. The city is well planned. The heart of it is the Capitol. It took more than 8 years to build this Capitol. The first stone of it was laid on October, 13, 1792. Washington, DC is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

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