Public Holidays in the USA

Public Holidays in the USA“Carol, could you tell me what the greatest national holiday is in America?”

“Well, Ann, Independence Day, of course.

Another name for the holiday is July Fourth. The Fourth of July is the birthday of the United States. On July 4, 1776, the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain and adopted the Declaration of Inde­pendence. Ever since 1776 Americans have celebrated their liberty on the Fourth of July.”

“And how do you usually celebrate this holiday?”

“It is celebrated throughout the country. People don’t work on this day. It’s our day off. Many businesses are closed, no mail is delivered, and the government offices are closed. People often gather for picnics. Many cities and towns have parades, concerts, shows, and sports events. Radio and television stations may play patriotic songs for the Fourth of July. Fireworks have always been a part of the Fourth of July celebration.”

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