A Day at School

Come and spend a day in an English school!

A Day at SchoolIt is nearly 9 on a Monday morning, and the boys and girls are coming to school again, after having had Saturday and Sunday free.

Some of them walk to school, and some come on their bicycles, and others, who live further away from the school, come by bus. They are wearing their school uniform and carrying their satchels full of books, which they have used to do their homework over the week-end.

It is 11 o’clock: time for the mid-morning break. The boys and girls go out into the playground to collect their milk: every boy and girl at school in England is given a third of a pint of milk every day. When they have drunk their milk, they can play until it is time to go back inside for lessons. The boys play football, and the girls play with a ball, or a skipping-rope. But the older boys and girls just stand, talk and watch the games. Then the bell goes. It is time for lessons: they all hurry inside.

After break, there are more lessons. Then it is one o’clock. Time for lunch! The boys and girls are queuing up to get their lunch from the cooks behind the counter. Nearly all school-children in England have their lunch at school, though some, who live very near to their school, go home. School lunches cost only a shilling, and it is much easier to eat at school. You get meat, potatoes, and a vegetable, and then a pudding of some sort.


a satchel  — ранец

a skipping-rope — скакалка

The boys and girls are queuing up to get their lunch from the cooks behind the counter  — Мальчики и девочки стоят в очереди, чтобы получить завтрак от поваров, стоящих за прилавком.

though  — хотя

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