How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

I’d like to tell some words why I’ve decided to base my future profession on chemistry.How I’ve made up my mind about my future profession

When I got acquainted with the simplest chemicals and reactions for the first time, I didn’t realize entirely how interesting chemistry is and how complicated it is, too.

In the 8th grade “chemistry” appeared in my school time-table and due to books, due to my teacher I was getting more and more absorbed by the marvelous world of chemistry. Exciting and boring books, successful ex­periments and failures — I experienced these things not once. Several times I took part in chemistry contests held in Moscow. And here successes and failures followed each other. My best results are: the 1st prize in the District Contest (40 schools) and the 4th prize in Moscow City contest (almost 1500 schools).

I decided to take an advanced course of chemistry (lectures, seminars, labs) in the school of Young Chem­ists organized at Moscow University (chemistry depart­ment). I took this course for 2 years.

Once we went on a field trip to a chemical plant outside Moscow (only some 70 miles away from the city). The plant was really gigantic. However, neither the size, nor the sophisticated equipment impressed me, but the people who breathed in invisible particles. I decided that I should devote myself to the protection of people from negative effects of chemicals.

I think that all the people on the Earth suffer from chemicals. I’d like to use my knowledge in chemistry to solve this global problem. But first of all I need to improve my knowledge in chemistry. I think that the best place to do it is Moscow University; that’s why I’ll try to enter the chemistry department of Moscow University.

Besides, I have to pay more attention to English because the international language in chemistry is English.

I go to a specialized English school. I’ve been learning English for 9 years now. It’s one of my favourite subjects. I like to read in English and to listen to English and American radio programs. I’ve got many pen-pals in the USA and in the UK. I hope that my knowledge of English with help me in my future profession.


to base my future profession on chemistry — связать свою будущую профессию с химией

chemicals — химические препараты

complicated — сложный

to get absorbed — увлечься

chemistry contests — химические олимпиады (конкурсы)

to take an advanced course of chemistry — посещать химические курсы повышенного типа

seminar  — семинар

lab сокр. разг. от laboratory — занятия в лаборатории

to go on a field trip — поехать на экскурсию

gigantic — гигантский

sophisticated — сложный; искушенный

to breathe in — вдыхать, дышать

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