My Friend

I got acquainted with my best friend at school. Her name is Kate. We are of the same age. Besides, we live in the same block of flats, so we see each other every day.My FriendKate is a tall, slim, beautiful girl. She has got blonde hair, large blue eyes, a straight nose and full lips. She is a little emotional but honest and just, very kind.

It’s not easy to meet a true and faithful friend. I am happy that I’ve met Kate. I trust her a lot, and I’m sure that I can rely on her in any situation. She is the one who I can turn to for help and advice in the unhappiest moments of my life and who I can tell all my problems. She never lets people down. Kate is 16. She’s got only one shortcoming. She is a bit impatient, nevertheless, I enjoy her company and without her I feel lonely.

Kate is an only child, and her parents love her very much. Her father teaches English and American Literature at Moscow University. He is the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. He seems to know everything about the subject he teaches. Her mother is a music teacher. No wonder Kate has got a very good ear for music. Kate is fond of dancing. She plays the piano very well.


to get acquainted — познакомиться

of the same age — ровесники

block of flats — многоквартирный дом

straight — прямой

just — справедливый

trust — доверять, верить

rely on smb. — полагаться на кого-либо, доверять

to turn to smb for smth. — обращаться к кому-то за чем-то

to let smb. down — подводить

shortcoming — недостаток

impatient — нетерпеливый

nevertheless — тем не менее

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