Архив метки: Школа

Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку обо всём , что связано со школой.

Faithful Friends

I would like to tell you about my friends.Faithful Friends

I have never thought why Oleg, Mike and I are so friendly.
It has always happened that we’ve been together going on hikes, playing different games, going in for football, reading the same books.

Some days ago at English lessons we began to discuss the topic “You and Your Friends”. Now if you ask me what kind of boy Oleg is, I can say that he is always ready to help, very honest, quiet, never boasts. He is kind. It seems he hasn’t got any drawbacks. Well, it’s not so. Sometimes he is lazy and does not always finish the work he has to do.

Mike is lively, gay, likes to play different games. He is especially good at football. He is clever, full of ideas, likes a good joke. What I don’t like about him is that he often boasts about his victories in races, and he is very proud of himself.

It’s difficult for me to speak about myself. But when my parents come to school the teachers say that I am industrious, honest and attentive to my classmates, kind. I know my drawbacks. I speak rudely sometimes to my parents and I fear the water. I try never to go boating or fishing if the day is windy. My friends laugh at me from time to time.

Once I decided to show that I was not a coward, that I had no fear of the water. I went off in my father’s boat alone. I took only my dog with me. The day was fine, and soon we sailed to a small island. I wanted to explore the island. I was interested in some unusual plants and didn’t notice a snake. Luckily my dog did and he warned me of the danger.

Suddenly dark clouds appeared in the sky. A strong wind began to blow. My dog and I rushed to the bank of the river, but there was no boat.

The dog began to bark and was heard by my friends. I wondered how they could find me.

My father told them that I had gone off alone in his boat. My friends felt worried and went to the river. There they saw the boat and came to my help.

I know it was a silly way to show courage, but since that time my friends have never laughed at my fear of the water.

I think Oleg and Mike are my faithful friends.

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