Secondary School in the USA

High school students are very sociable during school. If they do not have a class scheduled for a certain period, at many schools students are expected to go to a particular classroom and study quietly under the supervision of a teacher. This is called “study hall”. At Alice’s school, ninth and tenth graders have to go to study hall during their free periods, but eleventh and twelfth graders are allowed to go to the cafeteria, to the gym, or walk around the school grounds. Even in study hall, where they are supposed to be quiet, the girls and boys talk and giggle and pass notes if they think the teacher is not paying attention; the students who don’t go to study hall socialize even more during their free periods. Some of them ask for special permission to leave campus so they can go to a nearby store or restaurant. Some of them don’t ask for permission, and go anyway (if they get caught, they are punished).

Outside of school, the teenagers’ meet each other in the afternoon or evening, and of course they have parties on the weekends. Parents worry a lot about the parties, because they can be very big and rowdy, and some teenagers drink liquor or beer, which is against the law.


sociable — общительный

At many schools students are expected to go to a particular classroom. — Предполагается, что во многих школах школьники идут заниматься в специально отведенную классную комнату.

under the supervision — под руководством

They are supposed to be quiet in the “study hall”. — Предполагается, что они должны вести себя тихо в “зале для занятий”.

special permission — особое разрешение

campus — территория школы

store  — магазин

a teenager — подросток

rowdy — шумный

liquor — напиток, особ, спиртной

beer — пиво

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