Secondary School in the USA

In the United States, secondary school is called high school; students begin high school in ninth grade, when they have completed eight years of school. Secondary School in USA

An average day for a high school student begins with a brief “homeroom” period, when the roll is taken and announcements are made. The rest of the day is divided into eight or nine “periods” of equal length, usually 45-50 minutes.

At the beginning of each period, when the bell rings, students go into a classroom to begin class. Every period they have a different class, with a different teacher, in a different room. Some of their fellow students move with them from class to class, but many have very different class schedules.

Alice is a ninth grader. She is fourteen years old. On Monday her class schedule looks like this:

8:00-8:15 am Homeroom
First period 8:15-9:00 am French I
Second period 9.00—9:45 am Algebra II
Third period 9:45-10:30 am English
Fourth period 10:30-11:15 am Biology
Fifth period 11:15 am—12 noon Biology laboratory
Sixth period 12 noon—12:45 pm Physical Education
Seventh period 12:45-1:30 pm Lunch
Eighth period 1:30-2:15 pm American History
Ninth period 2:15—3.00 pm Choir

a brief “homeroom” period — короткий классный час

to take a roll — провести перекличку

to make announcements — сделать объявления

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