Secondary School in the USA

For some of Alice’s classes, such as English and History, the other students are all ninth graders from her homeroom, because the course is required for ninth graders. Other classes, like French or Biology, may have tenth, eleventh or twelfth graders in them; because the courses are open to all students and are not required (they are called “electives”).

Alice doesn’t like Monday because she has lunch late, seventh period, and she has to run around in P.E. (“gym”) class before lunch. She gets very hungry. When she finishes gym class, she hurries to the cafeteria. There is always a long line in the lunchroom at the beginning of each lunch period, and she wants to be at the front of it.

Most classes are held every day, but some are only two or three times a week. English, History and French meet every day, and P.E. meets twice a week. Alice also has Art twice a week. Alice is in the school choir, which is an extra activity that meets at the end of the day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Most classes meet in different periods different days of the week, but ninth period is always reserved for meetings of special activities, like musical groups, clubs (the debate club is particularly popular), and the school newspaper.

Alice goes to a very large public high school. There are about 800 boys and girls in her ninth grade class, and they are divided into 25 homeroom groups of about 30 of 50 students each. The school is well known for its sports program; there are teams in many sports, and the boys’ soccer team and the girls’ basketball team have both won state championships. The teams practice and play games against other school after ninth period is over.


a line — очередь

a school choir — школьный хор

an extra activity — внеклассное мероприятии

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