I Enjoy Sports and Games

In our country the most popular summer sports and games are football, volley-ball, tennis, swimming, bad­minton, cycling; the most popular winter sports and games are hockey, skating, skiing, figure-skating.Sports-and-Games

Many boys enjoy playing football. Some boys and girls are fond of playing volley-ball, basket-ball and tennis.

My favourite sport is swimming. I can go swimming all the year round. In the summer I swim outdoors and in winter I go swimming in the pool. Swimming is popular with grown-ups and children. Swimming makes people healthy and strong. I also enjoy watching swimming competitions on TV. They are usually exciting. I like to watch figure-skating competitions, too.

My friend and I often ride a bicycle. Summer is the best time for it. Bob (this is my friend’s name) is fond of basket-ball. He is not very good at it yet. He can’t throw the ball into the basket every time. It’s a pity, of course, but I think the more he plays, the better he becomes. Practice makes perfect.

In our school we have a nice gym-hall. Sports and games are very popular among the children of the school. Boys and girls take part in running, jumping and gymnastics competitions and in many games. A lot of children train at special sport schools. Almost all champions went to these sport schools when they were children. Here they became good at sports and showed their first good results.

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