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Jerome K. Jerome


Jerome K. JeromeIn the history of English literature Jerome K. Jerome occupies a modest place. He cannot be compared with such literary figures as Dickens, Thackeray or Bernard Shaw, but he is well known as a writer-humorist not only in his country but in other countries too.

Jerome Klapka Jerome was born in England, on May 2, 1859 in the family of a ruined businessman. Читать далее Jerome K. Jerome

Jack London

Jack London’s (1876-1916) life was the life of hard work.Jack London

He began working at the age of eight. In the years that followed, he did a man’s work, though he was only a boy.

By the time he was twenty-two, he had lived more than most people do in fifty years. He had worked on ships and in factories; he had travelled across the ocean as a sailor, he had tramped from San Francisco to New York with an army of unemployed and back through Canada to Vancouver.

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Ethel Lilian Voynich


Ethel Lilian Voynich was an English writer.Ethel Lilian Voynich

She was born in the family of George Bull, an Irish professor of mathematics. In her youth she had to experience many hardships. Under the influence of her husband, a Polish revolutionary named Mikhail Voynich, she got interested in illegal revolutionary work.

In the 1890s she turned to literature, and in 1897 the novel “The Gadfly” appeared.

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The Old Man and the Sea ( by Ernest Hemingway)

The Old Man and the Sea


This is a short but powerful story for which Heming­way was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1954. The idea expressed in “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, that the loser must not lose heart, is developed here.

For two nights and two days Santiago, an old fisher­man, struggles in a small fishing-boat at sea to land a great fish that he has caught. Читать далее The Old Man and the Sea ( by Ernest Hemingway)

For Whom the Bell Tolls ( by Ernest Hemingway)

For Whom the Bell Tollsfor-whom-the-bell-tolls

Hemingway took as the subject the Spanish Civil War of 1936—1939. He saw the struggle with his own eyes as a war-correspondent, and was firmly on the side of the Republicans, against whom General Franco and his fascist army revolted.

The action of the novel is concentrated on seventy hours during which a special operation is planned behind fascist lines. Читать далее For Whom the Bell Tolls ( by Ernest Hemingway)

A Farewell to Arms ( by Ernest Hemingway)

To many readers A Farewell to Arms ( by Ernest Hemingway), fine novel of World War I serves as an introduction to Hemingway.a_farewell_to_arms_0

The book is a powerful anti-war story, but it remains a love-story, telling of the ill-fated romance between Frederic Henry, a young American serving as a volunteer in the Italian army, and Catherine Barkley, a British nurse. Читать далее A Farewell to Arms ( by Ernest Hemingway)

Charles Dickens


Dickens lived a life of toil. He knew misery in his younger years and he became rich and famous in the end.charles-dickens-mrxlgDickens was born at Portsea, on February 7, 1812. His father was a clerk in the Navy Pay-Office. The family moved to Chatham when Charles was four.

There the future writer went to school.

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Archibald Joseph Cronin

A.J. Cronin,  a Scottish novelist and physician, was born in Scotland.A._J._Cronin_1931b
He became a doctor, dreaming of his own practice and scientific investigations, but he had to join the military service, and served as a surgeon in the Navy during World War I.

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