The Wonderful World of Books

Why are so many people fond of reading? The world of books is full of wonders.

the wonderful world of booksReading books you can find yourself in different lands, countries, islands, seas and oceans. Together with the characters of the book you go by ship in the stormy sea, you climb high mountains, you fly into space, you have a lot of adventures.

There are authors and characters famous all over the world. Who hasn’t read “Alice in the Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol? or “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain? or “Mowgli” by Rudyard Kipling? Who hasn’t travelled with Mary Poppins to her imaginary world? Who hasn’t imagined himself to be Robinson Crusoe on the deserted island?

We enjoy the beauty and wisdom of fairy-tales and fables which teach us to be kind and clever, to be hard-working, to be brave and honest, to understand other people. Books help us to be true friends. They teach us to understand the beauty of nature, to take care of it, to love our homeland.

You can find the books at the library. Our school library is rich1 in books on different subjects. My friend and I often go there. There are a lot of bookshelves running along the walls. You can find there any book you like. You can come up to a shelf and choose a book. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a book, then you ask a librarian to help you.


rich in — богата

running along the walls — расположенные вдоль стен

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