Sport plays a great and important role in our life.

Sports Equipment on WhiteIf you want to be healthy and keep fit you must go in for sports. “If we are healthy, we are wealthy!” says the English proverb. It is necessary to go in for sports regularly, then it does our health good, gives us joy, pleasure and satisfaction.

Physical Training (Physical Education) is an impor­tant subject at schools. Pupils have PT (or PE) lessons twice a week. They run, jump, play volley-ball and basket-ball at the lessons of PT. If the weather is nice, pupils have their PT lessons at the sports-ground near the school. It’s fun to have lessons in the open air. In winter pupils go skiing in those parts of the country where there is much snow.

In our school a lot of different competitions are held, a great number of pupils take part in them. The partici­pants who show the best results become winners.

My friend and I are fond of football. We play in our football team. Playing football is hard work today. So we have to train a lot. Once or twice a week we get up early in the morning and go for a run in the woods. At first we felt tired after running for only ten minutes. But soon we got used to it. Today after half an hour’s run we feel fine. Besides running I do morning exercises regularly. In summer I go swimming, in winter I go skiing and skating. Going in for sports helps my friend and me to feel cheerful after a hard day at school. I think I like sports because all the members of my family are fond of sports. My father lifts weights; my mother and sister play tennis.

Summer is the happiest time for us because we can go on hikes. We enjoy camping in tents. Sometimes we go for a bicycle ride. I think it is remarkable. You can go along country roads. You find new places, see new sights. It gives you exercise and keeps you in good health. You can stop anywhere; there are no parking problems. When you come back from a day’s ride you feel really good.

I think it is necessary for people of all ages to go in for sports.

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