My Pastime

Crisp Crinkled 3c HEADERThere are many interesting and exciting things to do when you are spending your free time.

Each person has his interests and hobbies such as reading books, watching TV, collecting something, visiting museums and other places of interest, skiing, skating, swimming, fishing, going in for sports and many others.

I think that if someone hasn’t any hobby he might be a dull and uninteresting person.

I am fond of watching TV and reading books. I also like collecting stamps and coins, skiing, skating and swimming. In summer I like walking in the forest because I relax there.

And now I want to tell about my hobby. It is watching TV. When I have spare time I always switch on my TV and watch my favourite programs. They are films and variety shows. When I watch TV I rest from my home duties and my lessons. Some people say that TV is doing a lot of harm but I don’t care and watching TV remains my favourite occupation.

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