petsPeople keep dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots as pets. I am fond of animals. I’ve read a lot of books about pets.

I think I am lucky because my parents agreed to buy a puppy for me when I was eight. It was a nice, funny puppy.

It was difficult to give a good name to it. We thought and thought and then decided to call it “Lady”.

We taught her to answer to her name, to understand us, to do what we told her.

I think Lady loves all the members of our family, but I hope she loves me most of all. I often take her for a walk, play with her, wash her with warm soapy water and give her two good meals a day. We all treat our dog kindly; she is very friendly and makes us happy.

Lady has her own sleeping place but sometimes she sleeps near me and then Mother gets a little angry. But it’s difficult to be angry with our dog for a long time. It’s a real pleasure to have a pet at home.

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