TV, Radio, Cinema and Theatre

It is difficult to imagine our life without TV, radio, cinema and theatre.

TV is a great force in the world. It enriches our intellect, gives us opportunities to see the best actors and performances, to hear the latest news, to listen to political discussions. TV gives wonderful possibilities for education and helps us to relax after a day’s work. There is a considerable variety of programs, and we can choose what we want to see. TV brings the world into our living room. We can learn more of other countries, customs, occupations, opinions, problems — you can see a program which appeals to you most: current events, documentaries, sport and educational programs, films, plays, the arts, news, variety shows, etc. You always decide which program is the most exciting, valuable, informative or amusing and is worth seeing. Some people think that it is a waste of time watching TV. Besides, it leads, as they say, to poor health through rushed meals, lack of sleep, eyestrain. People begin to forget the art of conversation. They sit glued to the TV screen instead of visiting their friends and relations. Many children forget to read books, making TV their main leisure activity.

Radio also helps people develop a broader understanding of the world around them. There are many radio channels, and people have their favourite ones. They listen to them regularly. Some radio programs are especially interesting for the young. The success of the programs depends very much on the personality of the announcer or the talk-show host. Sometimes radio listeners write letters to the radio-studios and express their viewpoints, approve or disapprove of the program, make requests etc.

Cinema is also a part of our life. We usually go there when we want to see a super new film which is much talked about. But now, when newly appeared video-business has come into our life and given us a chance to see new films at home, we don’t bother about going to the cinema, standing in a queue and spending about 2 hours in stuffy cinema-hall. Already many people say that with their television sets at home and an occasional visit to the movies they no longer need the Theatre and do not care whether it lives of dies. During the last forty years the theatre has had to meet three challenge — from cinema, radio, and television. All three produce drama of a sort; all possess important advantages. But without a living theatre movies and television plays would be very crude.

There is a principal difference between the living theatre and the mass entertainment of films, radio and television. In the theatre the play is especially cooked for us like it is in a very good restaurant, and unlike in a canteen where we are merely served with standard portions of standard meal. In the theatre a production never takes its final shape until it has an audience. With films, radio, television the vast audience can only receive what is being offered. But in the theatre the audience might be said to be creatively receptive: its very presence heightens the drama.

The actors are not playing to microphones and cameras but to warmly responsive fellow-creatures. And they are never giving the same performances.

Theatre is the ancient and ever-youthful parent of all entertainment in dramatic form. Theatre is the magical place where man meets his image. It is the enduring home of dramatic experience which is surely one of the most searching, rewarding, enchanting of our many different kinds of experience.

to enrich — обогащать

a considerable variety — значительное разнообразие

to appeal (to) — привлекать, нравиться

a waste of time — трата времени

rushed meals, lack of sleep, eyestrain — спешка во время еды, недостаток сна, напряжение для глаз

They sit glued to the TV screen — они сидят у телеэкрана, как приклеенные

leisure — досуг

channel— (радио)канал

the talk-show host — ведущий передачи (программы)

studio — студия

we don’t bother about going to the cinema — мы не хотим идти в кино

to stand in a queue — стоять в очереди

to take a final shape — принять окончательную форму (сформироваться)

creatively receptive — творчески восприимчивый

to heighten — возвышать

responsive — отзывчивый

ancient and ever-youthful — древний и вечномолодой

searching — ищущий

rewarding — вознаграждающий

enchanting — очаровательный, пленительный

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