Happy New Year!

Children all over the world enjoy the New Year. They know Father Frost will come to give them presents. They like to have a fir-tree at home. It is fun to decorate it. Best-Hd-Wallpaper-Of-Happy-New-Year-2014Today is the thirty-first of December. It’s New Year’s Eve. It is a very nice holiday. I like it very much because I usually have a lot of fun on that day.

Today I shall go to bed at half past twelve in the morning, not at nine o’clock in the evening as I usually do. Isn’t it nice?

My mother didn’t go to her office in the morning. Now she is busy in the kitchen. She is cooking a lot of tasty things.

Yesterday Dad brought home a big green Christmas tree. We put it in the sitting-room. The Christmas tree is beautiful. There are a lot of toys and lights of all colours: blue, red, yellow, green, and white. There is a big red star and a lot of little flags on the tree. There are some sweets and fruit on the tree, too.

At half past eleven we shall sit down at a holiday table. There will be a lot of tasty things on the table.

My Mummy and Dad will give presents and say, “Happy New Year, dear! This is a New Year’s present for you”. I shall give them pictures which I drew for them last week.

I think Father Frost will come to me and bring something in his big bag. It’s nice to find a surprise under the Christmas tree in the morning.


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