The Progress of Science in the 20th Century

Each year many discoveries are happening in science and they change our life.The Progress of Science in the 20th Century

Lots of things that we know and can do now seemed impossible to people many years ago. They couldn’t even imagine them.

Flying by planes, travelling by train or by car are traditional things to us. But the most exciting discoveries are radio and television. They are not inventions which bring only pleasure.

By means of radio and TV people can do many jobs: guide the flight of rockets and sputniks in space, help planes to land automatically in bad weather. These discoveries made possible for Russian scientists to photograph the far side of the moon and to watch the first space travel. On TV we could watch the interview with our first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin while he was in space.

The most important discoveries are new medicines. Hundreds of years ago when there were no medicines people couldn’t cure serious illnesses. Now these illnesses can be easily cured.

One of the wonders of the 20th century is the “electronic brain” which can solve mathematical problems much faster than a human being. It also can make translations from one language into another.

Another wonderful discovery is the splitting of the atom. This process is called nuclear fission. When atoms split they set free a big amount of energy, and it’s a pity that it is used not only for peaceful purposes. Our country is proud of the first atomic-power plant which was built in this country.

It was in this country that the first atomic-powered ice-breaker “Lenin” was launched. It happened in 1959. The atomic fuel has no smoke. As you can see the science is going forward and no one can imagine what will happen in future.

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