The British Museum

There are many museums in London. One of the most famous is the British Museum. Built in the middle of the last century, it is situated in Bloomsbury, a district in central London. It is an immense, light-grey building, like a Greek temple.

It is difficult to answer the question, “What is the British Museum?” However, we shall try.

In the first place it is a great library, one of the largest in the world, with something 6 or 7 million books. By law a copy of every book, pamphlet, periodical including maps and music published in Britain must be kept at the British Museum. Newspapers are kept in a separate building in another part of London.

Many famous people of the past worked here. Among them were Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, V.I.Lenin.

Secondly, the British Museum is a great scientific institution, generally known as Natural History Museum.

Lastly the British Museum has a wonderful art gallery. It has unique collections of sculpture, ceramic, drawings and paintings of the Egyptian, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians and many other peoples.

It has unique collections of Italian drawings (Leonardo da Vinci), English and French prints, and so on, and so on.



immense (adj.)— огромный, громадный

a temple — храм

in the first place — преждевсего

periodical (n) — журнал

music — ноты

lastly — наконец, в заключение

ceramics — керамика

the Egyptians — египтяне

the Chinese — китайцы

the Japanese — японцы

print (n) — гравюра

andsoon — и так далее


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