Computerization of Economy


Information science deals with the laws as well as ways and means of accumulating and processing information.

The necessity to store and exchange information led
to the development of speech and writing, printing and art, radio and TV.

But the most important thing about utilization of information is the planning of purposeful activity aimed at solving problems or making decisions on the basis of the acquired information. And until recently this planning was performed by the human mind exclusively.

The invention of computers, calculating machines capable of processing information, cardinally changed the situation. The computer performs very simple actions, but its ad­vantage is the speed it calculates at. In fact, the computer performs hundreds of thousands of operations per second. Moreover, having done one operation, it is capable of choosing further actions by itself.

But to utilize this operation, this miraculous advan­tage of the new machines one has to be able to synthesize an algorithm and translate it into a “language” that computers can understand. It became possible after the wonderful discovery that all logic actions of the living being can be described in the mathematic language — in the form of simple commands such as addition, deduc­tion, comparison.

Computers are penetrating all spheres of human activity; in many of them they have become indispensible. They calculate orbits, guide spaceships and planes, calcu­late the targets of economic development, play chess, teach pupils, and help house wives to choose a menu.

Computerization of economy is the agenda of the world’s economic development. And it is the young generation who will implement it tomorrow. That’s why it is important that school students should learn to handle computers today at school. They must get ready to meet the task.


to process — обрабатывать

utilization — использование

exclusively — исключительно

cardinally — кардинально

miraculous — удивительный

to synthesize  — синтезировать

an algorithm — математический алгоритм

deduction — вычитание

to penetrate — проникать

indispensible — незаменимый

to implement — выполнять, осуществлять

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