Mass Media

The mass media plays a big role not only in my life but in the life of everyone.I can’t imagine my life without TV, radio, newspapers. From them we learn about the recent events, new discoveries.mass mediaThere are different kinds of mass media like radio, journals, newspapers, TV. Everyone chooses his favourite one. From newspapers we can learn about the latest news, about the life of famous people. On TV we can watch all these things and I think that it’s more interesting than to read. Some people prefer listening to the news on radio.

My favourite kind of mass media is TV. It is very popular in our country. Viewers are able to watch plays, films, sports, educational pro­grams, variety shows. We have 8 TV channels and a commercial channel. Our family has several TV sets, because each member is fond of watching different pro­grams. My mother likes variety shows. My father is keen on the news programs. And I prefer films. My favourites are thrillers and adventures. When I watch TV I rest from my school life and my home duties.

The press in our country is of the same popularity. Our papers tell us about all the changes in our life. They reflect the present day life in all its variety. Our family subscribes to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomoletz” and the “Book Review”.

Most families in Russia have radio sets but they say that they don’t listen to the radio very often. Programs are on air from 6 o’clock in the morning until 12 o’clock at night. We also have a radio set but we don’t use it.

I think that in future there will be some new kinds of mass media much more interesting than TV, radio and newspapers.

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