Архив метки: Путешествия

Топики, темы и сочинения по английскому языку о путешествиях.

The Third American Expedition to the Moon

Third American Expedition to the MoonPeople all over the Soviet Union have followed with great interest the flight to the Moon of three American astronauts: Alan Sheppard, Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa. The courageous spacemen have left more than a million kilometers behind them, and are now returning home with new scientific data on the history and the nature of Earth’s satellite, which we have all known for so many centuries, but which we have not known well at all. Читать далее The Third American Expedition to the Moon

Summer Holidays are Something to Remember

When boys and girls come to school after their summer holidays they are asked the same question: How did you spend your summer holidays?

The answers are usually different. Some children went camping, some travelled to different places, and others enjoyed their summer holidays in the country or at the seaside, or in the mountains.

Children can do a lot of things in summer.

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Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

Lots of people like travelling and visiting other coun­tries.Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

That’s why there are many means of travel. By plain, by ship, by train and also by car, by bicycle, on foot. Everyone chooses his favourite one.

The most comfortable way of travel is travelling by plane and it’s my favourite. And not because it is very comfortable. It’s very interesting and exciting. Читать далее Travelling Is One of the Means of Widening One’s Outlook

We Like Hiking

we like hikingAll the children in our class like hiking.

Before we go hiking we hold a discussion.

We decide what things we have to prepare and the places we’d like to visit.

It is often rather difficult to choose a place we’d like to get ac­quainted with; everybody has his own idea. The discussion is usually rather exciting. Читать далее We Like Hiking

Travelling by Air

Many people prefer travelling by air as it is the most convenient, comfortable and quickest means of travelling.Travelling by Air

If you have made up your mind to travel by plane you need to go to the booking office to buy tickets beforehand.

Each passenger is allowed 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge. Читать далее Travelling by Air


People are fond of travelling.travellingIf you go to the North of our country you can see large cold seas and many beautiful lakes. In the South of our country there are warm seas, wonderful trees and flowers. If you go to the West, you will enjoy lots of wonderful places. In the East of our country there are big woods and high mountains. Читать далее Travelling

Travelling by Sea

Many people enjoy travelling by sea. travelling by seaThey say it is the most pleasant means of travelling. They mean travelling by an ocean liner, which combines comfort and speed. You feel as if you are walking on good solid ground when on board the big liner.

You can enjoy fresh sea air, the sights of the sea and the sky. No matter what the sea might be — calm or stormy, you feel comfortable and safe on board the big liner. Читать далее Travelling by Sea

Holiday Trips

My grandparents lived in a village not far from the town.2006InTheVillageTH

The trip to the place by car took only two hours and a half even in rainy weather. But in good weather, when the country road was dry, our father could drive at a greater speed and it took us only two hours to get to the place. Читать далее Holiday Trips

The Old Man and the Sea ( by Ernest Hemingway)

The Old Man and the Sea


This is a short but powerful story for which Heming­way was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1954. The idea expressed in “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, that the loser must not lose heart, is developed here.

For two nights and two days Santiago, an old fisher­man, struggles in a small fishing-boat at sea to land a great fish that he has caught. Читать далее The Old Man and the Sea ( by Ernest Hemingway)

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway will always be remembered as a writer of prose in which every word had meaning and where nothing was wasted.1950-ernest-hemingway

The son of a small-town doctor, Hemingway was born in Illinois in 1898. From his childhood he was fond of fishing and shooting-interests, which were to colour his life and work.

Hemingway was educated at schools in America and France. His father wanted him to be a doctor, but he became a newspaper reporter, and then served with the Italian Red Cross as an ambulance driver in World War I. Читать далее Ernest Hemingway