An Occupation

An occupation is a business, trade or employment that occupies one’s time either permanently or as a hobby.

It’s an activity of any kind for which a person has the necessary qualifications and training: “I am a teacher by occupa­tion, and he is a taxi-driver by occupation.”

What is a “trade?” A “trade “ is a way of making a living, especially a handicraft. He is a carpenter (a tailor) by trade. Shoemaking is a useful trade. Trade schools teach different trades, for example: cooking, furniture-making, operating different machines. In these schools you can get training in any trade you may choose. There are many trades; all of them are important and useful. Why not learn the trade of a turner, a fitter or a bricklayer after you finish school? Workers of these trades are always in great demand.

What is a “profession”? It is an occupation, especially one, requiring advanced education and special training. For example: the law, architecture, teaching, medicine. He is a lawyer by profession.

Some of you may already know what occupation you wish to follow, what you will be by trade or profession. Others of you have not yet made your decision. There are so many different trades and professions today, that it is not easy to decide.


permanent — постоянный

qualification — квалификация

a carpenter — плотник

a tailor — портной

to operate a machine — работать на станке (управлять машиной)

a turner — токарь

a fitter — слесарь

a bricklayer — каменщик

a lawyer — юрист, адвокат

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