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Household Chores

Household Chores

Mу family consists of six members: my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my little brother and me. choresEach member of the family has his own chores. My father goes shopping. He buys bread, milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs and other products. My mother prepares dinner and supper. We like Mother’s cooking. She is especially good at cooking fried fish.

My chore is to wash up dishes. I also have to dust the furniture and to sweep the floor in my room every day. My younger brother’s chores are to carry out the garbage and to put his things in their right places.

My grandmother knits socks, makes cakes and cooks jam. My grandfather goes for a walk with our dog twice a day.

On Saturday all the families are busy with their chores. We make our flat neat. My father cleans the carpets with a vacuum-cleaner. My mother washes linen in a wash­ing-machine. I wash the floor. My brother cleans shoes. My grandma and grandpa cook Saturday dinner. After all that we lay the table and have dinner. Then we have tea with wonderful cakes made by my grandma. We thank our grandma and grandpa and Father cheerfully says: “Business before pleasure”. We enjoy the rest of the day doing things we like to do.

Chores are very important in the life of the family. Our family is very friendly because everybody treats his chores very seriously.


household chores — домашние обязанности

garbage — мусор

to knit — вязать

a vacuum-cleaner — пылесос

to wash linen — стирать белье

to treat one’s chores seriously — относиться к своим домашним обязан­ностям серьезно

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