Vacations and How to Spend Them

vacationI believe that vacations should be a change. Most people like a change. Most people like a change of place; if they live in the country they like to go to a big town and spend their time looking at shop windows and visiting movie theatres, museums and art galleries; if they live in a city, they like a quiet vacation in the hills or by the sea, doing nothing but walking, swimming and lying in the sun.

When on vacation most people don’t like to do things they have to do all the year round.

Travelling by Railroad ( Travelling by Train )

The stories our teacher told us in school about railroad are still fresh in our minds. One that always made us smile is the story about the man on horseback who used to ride in front of the locomotive telling people that a train was coming and driving cows off the tracks if necessary.

Many years have passed since that time and new kinds of transportation have appeared, but the railroad today is still popular and carries a lot of passengers and goods.

If you are going to travel by train, you’d better book seats beforehand, because many people are fond of trav­elling by train.


change (n) — изменение, перемена

locomotive — паровоз

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