Cleaning Up the Environment

The environment needs to be cleaned up. Unfortu­nately, millions of people on our planet live in areas in which the air is not safe to breathe.

The biggest problem is ozone, formed from hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Ozone can age our lungs prematurely making us more susceptible to dangerous diseases, including cancer.

Air pollution can also cause a kind of water pollution called acid rain. Sulfur and nitrogen compounds mix with moisture in the air and fall to Earth in rain or snow. Then this acid water runs into rivers and lakes. The rivers and lakes become so acid that fish cannot survive, and neither can trees and other plants.

Problems with the health of the environment are still with us. But by knowing about them, we can do something. Humans can care for the environment so it will be a healthier place for all living things.


ozone — озон

hydrocarbons — углеводород

nitrogen — азот

oxide — окись

prematurely — преждевременно

susceptible — восприимчивый

cancer — рак

acid rain — кислотный дождь

sulfur — сера

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