Ways of Holiday-making

The seaside is good for most people, but definitely bad for some. Take the sun and the sea gradually and don’t stay on the beach for too long. In fact, short holidays taken often probably do you better than an annual long one. After the first week or two, you begin to get bored, sun burnt and lazy.

It’s a good idea to have a hobby or interest at the seaside. Take a skin diving mask and see how many sorts of fish you can find. Walk along the beach collecting shells or interesting pebbles. On this sort of holidays you should be thoroughly relaxed, and soak in the sun and sea air. There is nothing better for giving you vitality and energy to keep you going through the winter.


a skin diving mask — маска аквалангиста

pebbles — камешки

thoroughly — до конца, основательно

to soak — впитывать, погружаться

vitality  — жизнеспособность, жизненность

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